Anyone remember this anime, Please Save My Earth? I think it was the first shoujo anime I ever watched. I bought the DVD back when you felt lucky when you could buy 3 episodes for 30 bucks. It was a good deal to me because this had a whole OVA series of 6 episodes on 1 disc! (You younger fans don’t know how good you have it) And 30 dollars is a lot of money to someone too young to get a job.

I remember laughing like crazy and my mom walked by in time to see the close-up shot and she was like, WTF are you watching?

The manga was unlicensed and the OVA ended too abruptly so I bought the original japanese books and read them with text translations (there were no scan translations back then, except for clamp or shounen jump manga. Again. Y’all are lucky.

But I think I appreciated each episode of anime more. I used to watch series over and over. Now it’s just one watch and then…whatever. Chuck it.

You should still watch it. The DVD is out of print though…

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